Cuddly Cactus 🌵 (Each)


    New from the Oriental Group is the Cuddly Cactus.

    This is a South American tree-like succulent evergreen cactus. This brand new cactus is a fantastically cuddly cactus species that has no spines! This plant is absolutely perfect for the home where pets or children can come into contact with the plants!


    • Light: Full Sun

      Place in a bright room that is sun drenched almost all day. Or directly in a south-facing window.

    • Watering need: Low demand

      All of the soil should be dry before watering. If the soil is still moist, you risk giving this plant too much water which can make it start to rot. When you water this plant, water well and then allow the soil to dry out completely before you water it again.

    • Fertilizing need: Minimum demand

      This plant does not need very much fertilizing, but giving them some extra nutrients every once in a while is important to keep them green, promote good growth and to stay healthy. You can find more info below how to best fertilize this plants.